February 4, 2016

Get Me Everywhere: Top Citation Source in the UK

By Jane Byrne

Local listings (or citations) are a vital part of how a business ranks in natural search – in other words, how high up the list it appears in the search engine results.  There are many components to SEO, and GME is a key part of the mix that complements other SEO work you do.  This…

The importance of ranking well in local search is now an established fact and yet it remains elusive to many companies and often causes frustration for the SEO agencies who manage online presence for businesses. It seems from a range of authoritative research by in 2014 that a key issue remains the consistency of…

December 3, 2014

Citations; What they are and how they will help you.

By Katie Beckley

What are citations? Are they important? Citations are mentions of your business that are scattered across the web in various forms; through social media profiles, directory listings, forum mentions and even your own website. Any mention of your business name placed next to your business details, such as address, phone number, etc. can be counted…

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